CV- Tage Fredheim


SHKS – 1 år

Statens kunstakademi- v. professorene Alf Jørgen Aas - Knut Rose – 5 år


Nannestad kommunes kulturskole og grunnskoler 


Jurymedlem Romeriksutstillingen / Ungdommens kulturmønstring 


1993 Axel Waldemars pris 
1989 Norsk kulturråd 
2002/2003 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond 

Kollektiv utstillinger: 

1981 Statens kunstutstilling (høstutstillingen) 
1982 Østlandsutstillingen 
1997 Galleri Grotten 
1999 Galleri Steen vårutstilling 
2000 Galleri Steen vårutstilling 
2000 Gjøvik kunstforening 
2002 Ullensaker kunstforening 
2003 Romeriksutstillingen 
2004 Romeriksutstillingen 
2005 Galleri Kjeldaas 

2009 Mjøskunst

Separat utstillinger: 

1989 Galleri Hellum 
1991 Oslo kunstsenter 
1992 Kunsthuset 
1993 Galleri AG 
1997 Gjøvik kunstforening 
1998 Galerie 1814 Unique 
2000 Galleri Steen 
2004 Ullensaker kunstforening 
2005 Galleri A 
2006 Galleri Kimen 
2008 Galleri Svae 
2010 Galleri Kjeldaas

2015 Forsvarets flymuseum

2018 Galleri Langekil - Hvaler


Det Norske Teateret, NHO 
Gjøvik kunstforening, Økokraft 
Ullevål sykehus, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines 
Civitan/Gjøvik sykehus, Øveraasen AS 
Eidsvold tingrett, Oppland Fylkeskommune ,

Odd Fellow

Hurdal kulturhus

Representerte gallerier: 
Oslo: Galleri Kjeldaas - Galleri Ramfjord - Galleri A 
Bærum: Galleri G - Høvik 
Molde: Galleri Kimen 
Gjøvik: Galleri Svae


Tage Fredheim had his formal  art education at the academy in Oslo, advised by the professors  Knut Rose and Alf Jørgen Aas.

In 1993 he was awarded the Aksel Waldermars prize.


In his last year as a master student at the art academy Fredheim was invited to paint a portrait of his professor Knut Rose. This was commissioned at the professor's studio at Bygdøy.


Fredheim`s works have been bought by art collectors, public institutions and private companies such as the Royal Carribbean Cruise Lines.


"Fredheim takes base in certain abstract expressions as suggested by Professor Knut Rose at the Academy in Oslo.  Instead of to condense and concretize the abstract elements in the direction of a figurative motif, Fredheim allows purely painterly elements continue to dominate the creative process. This creates a slide into a new domain of painting and a

further progress toward a freer expression - he struggles to keep the images open to new directions

and meanings. This creates the space for a new kind of aesthetic that, according to himself,

The works can be viewed individually or in conjunction. Grouping images

side by side  also creates an interesting interaction between the basic timbre of the individual works.

In some paintings Fredheim lays geometric structures or landscape features in bottom

before paint coats are applied. In these works there is a dynamic between the previous ideas and the wider movement

which acts as a structural model.

Distinct characteristics of the artist's paintings are texture and coloration - an end  result of simple but thoughtful paint application

and structures suggested in the abstract motifs".

"Hilde Hernes, Art historian"